Mastering leadership skills

Improving team and organizational performance

The ability to lead teams and organizations of all shapes and sizes is an essential skill to improve team and organizational performance. Team leaders and organizational leaders need to have a solid understanding of group dynamics and must have the skills to lead without authority, to engage team members, and to leverage constructive conflicts and minimize destructive conflicts. An organizational leader must also be able to build good relationships with external stakeholders that can positively or negatively influence the performance of the organization.

To effectively manage, develop and lead others, you have to be able to manage, develop and lead yourself. Leading yourself means knowing who you are, understanding how you act in different interactions and situations.  Personal leadership is also about taking responsibility for your own actions. The greater the challenges, the more relevant personal leadership becomes. How we act and react represents a combination of cultural influences, family values, education, personality development and personal experiences.  All these aspects shaped you and influenced your leadership style.

Cross-cutting competences that are needed at the different levels of leadership such as having self awareness, being able to influence, being an effective communicator and a good conflict mediator as well as being an independent learner, are all part of this training. In addition to these general leadership competences, this training will also focus on specific skills like presentation skills and skills in chairing a meeting.

During this course you will explore the role of leaders and your own approach to leading. The focus is on personal development and the development of emotional intelligence. Starting points are your unique strengths. During the course you will learn to integrate new behaviors and mindsets that help you to be more effective for the challenges you are facing.

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Course date
8 - 19 Oct 2018

10 days

Miriam Frijns, Lecturer in Effective Team Leadership course
Lead Trainer
Miriam Frijns
Trainer and Consultant in organizational and individual leadership

What to expect

Topics included in the program are

  • How the concept of leadership has emerged and evolved
  • Managerial behavior and the role of culture, context and personality
  • Principles of effectiveness and success of today ‘s leaders
  • Reflection on own career path
  • Assessments of leadership style, blindspots, challenges and needs
  • The importance of emotional intelligence
  • Building credibility, visibility and confidence
  • Adapt your leadership style to different individuals and scenario’s
  • Lead and integrated life by balancing your work and home life
  • Managing difficult personalities and conflict situations
  • Learning practical tools to have more influence and impact
  • Understanding the psychology of change and resistance
  • Dialogue skills
  • Professional communication, presentation
  • Leading performance appraisal meeting
  • Translating motivation theories into management actions in relation to the situation of the team and the team members
  • Leading team and stakeholder meetings
  • Group dynamics and solving conflicts in a group

Your profile

The program is designed for managers and leaders who want to improve their personal leadership skills and the performance of their team.

Miriam Frijns

Trainer and Consultant in organizational and individual leadership

Miriam Frijns has been working at MSM as a program manager and trainer since 1994. She has trained multicultural management groups, on different leadership and management related topics. In October 1998 she started Training Advice Centre: “Nihil Admiraria”. Nihil Admiraria develops corporate management training for companies and institutions, using a consultative training approach.

Miriam has done training and consultancy work for companies and organizations such as Xerox, Smallpeice Enterprises Limited (UK), Mercedes-Benz, ITC, IMTA, Indigo Europe, Webster University, ExxonMobil, Alcatel Bel, Stork BV, Rockwoll-Grodan, LDS-US, OMV, Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen, Petroleum Training Center, Ministry of Oil and Minerals Yemen, Yemen LNG. The focus point of the training and consultancy is on organizational and individual performance improvement.

She conducted training and consultancy in 29 different countries in the world. Miriam worked as a project manager in Yemen for the establishment of an international recognized executive business school at Sana’a University in cooperation with MSM. In April 2008 she started together with two business partners in Dubai Nihil Admiraria Middle East FZS. She did research and published articles in cooperation with Center for Organizational Performance in the Netherlands.

Miriam studied Educational and Industrial psychology at Tilburg University (Katholieke Universiteit Brabant). She got certified on ITIL, 6 Sigma green belt and EFQM.

 “Effective Leadership is not about your absolute knowledge and skills, it is about the perception of your followers on your leadership knowledge and skills. The perception of others about you is depending on your interaction with those others.”

Carin Beijer

Specialist in Management Development, Psychology and Anthropology

Carin Beijer has over 20 years of experience in working with professionals from all over the world. After her Master degree in Organizational Behaviour she specialized in Management Development and Psychology and Anthropology.

Her focus is on developing professionals, unlocking of their talents and teaching of managerial and leadership skills to improve personal and organizational effectiveness. She combines her organizational and anthropological background with psychological techniques.

As a lecturer in Higher Education she had assignments in the Netherlands, the People's Republic of China (HEMCC) and the Republic of Surinam (FHR). She developed  Managerial Development Programs and Personal  Leadership Programs for leading business training institutions in the Netherlands. Since 1995 she teaches in the Executive Programs of MSM.

“People are the source of change and innovation. Personal leadership is about taking responsibility for your actions, developing your talents building your integrity and contributing to a world you prefer to live in.”

Tuition fee*     € 4,498
Lodging expenses (approx. € 35 / night)**  € 525
Food and living expenses (approx. € 20 / day)  € 300

* MSM Tuition fee includes all course materials and fieldwork expenses, study materials and basic medical insurance.
** Limited availability. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.


(All fees are subject to change)

Admission requirements

Applicants should have the ability to function academically and professionally at Bachelor level and should have an adequate level of spoken and written English.

Application deadlines

OKP/MSP Application window opens on  1 February 2018
Application deadline for Nuffic OKP/MSP students is closed

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Reasons to follow the Mastering Leadership Skills course

  • Get a better understanding on how group dynamics work and how you as a leader can influence the group dynamics of the team
  • Develop your skills of solving conflicts in a group
  • Enhance communication skills to effectively communicate with different team members and stakeholders
  • Improve your skills in chairing team and stakeholder meetings
  • Discover your own leadership and management style and understand the strengths and weakness of your style
  • Understand how to capitalize on your strengths to grow as a person and as a leader
  • Develop your personal plan to enhance your leadership skills in order to improve your personal performance as a leader
  • Understand your radar of influence and be able to strategically use your influence for achieving your leadership performance
  • Get inspired by exchanging views and experiences with peer leaders with different cultural backgrounds and different experiences

Develop your skills to be an effective and confident leader

Open enrollment programs

MSM offers a wide portfolio of short open enrollment programs. Our skills-oriented programs will help you to enhance your management and professional knowledge and skills, broaden your mind and develop your personal skills. Additionally we offer policy-oriented programs providing you with the tools and instruments that can help you in developing effective policies for your organization.

Custom made programs

Apart from the Open Enrollment executive programs, MSM offers custom training programs, for the public and private sector, and for the higher and vocational education sector. MSM’s custom programs are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organization, making them the perfect tool to strengthen the leadership skills and expertise of the professionals of your organization.