Personal leadership skills course

Enhancing your personal leadership and management style

During the MSM Personal Leadership Skills program you will explore the role of leaders and your own approach to leading. The focus is on personal development and the development of emotional intelligence. Starting points are your unique strengths. During the course you will learn how to integrate new behaviors and mindsets that help you to be more effective for the challenges you are facing.

To effectively manage, develop and lead others, you have to be able to manage, develop and lead yourself. Leading yourself means knowing who you are, understanding how you act in different interactions and situations. Personal leadership is also about taking responsibility for your own actions. The greater the challenges, the more relevant personal leadership becomes. How we act and react represents a combination of cultural influences, family values, education, personality development and personal experiences. All these aspects shaped you and influenced your leadership style.

Please note; that this program is especially recommended to people coming from fragile economies and post-conflict countries.

We recommend to combine this program with the "Team Leadership Influencing Skills" program which will run the week after. Combining these two programs will save you up to a maximum of €500,-. In case you are only able to follow one week we advise you to first follow the "Personal Leadership skills" course and schedule the "Team leadership influencing skills" course for next year. For more information on the program contact

Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management

Certificate (diploma optional)


Course date
30 Sep - 4 Oct 2019

5 days

Carin Beijer, lecturer Personal Leadership Skills
Lead trainer
Carin Beijer
Specialist in Management Development, Psychology and Anthropology

Course objectives

After successfully completing this course you will

  • know how the concept of leadership has emerged and evolved
  • understand how managerial behavior is shaped by the cultural and organizational context, and by personal experiences
  • have an understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence
  • have enhanced your personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • have more insight on how to motivate and inspire others
  • have learned practical tools to have more influence and impact
  • know how to balance personal and professional areas of life
  • have identified your next steps in your leadership development

Course topics

During the course following topics will be discussed:

  • How the concept of leadership has emerged and evolved
  • Managerial behavior and the role of culture, context, personality and personal experiences
  • Principles of effectiveness and the role of emotional intelligence success of today ‘s leaders
  • Reflection on own career path  
  • Assessments of leadership style, blind spots, challenges and needs
  • Practical tools and insights to build your effectiveness by adapting your leadership style to different individuals and scenario's
  • Managing difficult interactions and resolve interpersonal confilicts
  • Building your credibility and your impact

Teaching methods

The teaching approach is not merely geared at transferring knowledge, but encourages livelily interactions, reflections and action-learning. The approach is participant-centered: you will be actively involved and encouraged to reflect on your own behavior and bring in cases relating to your own reality. Theories and insights from psychology, management development and anthropology and creative arts will be integrated in the method of teaching in daily classes and workshops.

Your profile

  • You are in a management or team leadership position or you have aspirations for a management or leadership position
  • You want to improve your performance
  • You want to develop skills by action learning
  • You have an open attitude

This program is open to all candidates but especially recommended to people coming from fragile economies and post-conflict countries.

We recommend to combine this program with the "Team Leadership influencing skills" course. Combining these two programs is possible with our special offer in the "Mastering effective leadership skills" program.


Each participant receives a certificate of attendance on the last day of the course. Only for those who will complete an additional assignment will receive a diploma. In case you would like to have more information you contact

Carin Beijer

Specialist in Management Development, Psychology and Anthropology

Carin Beijer has over 20 years of experience in working with professionals from all over the world. After her Master degree in Organizational Behaviour she specialized in Management Development and Psychology and Anthropology.

Her focus is on developing professionals, unlocking of their talents and teaching of managerial and leadership skills to improve personal and organizational effectiveness. She combines her organizational and anthropological background with psychological techniques.

As a lecturer in Higher Education she had assignments in the Netherlands, the People's Republic of China (HEMCC) and the Republic of Surinam (FHR). She developed  Managerial Development Programs and Personal  Leadership Programs for leading business training institutions in the Netherlands. Since 1995 she teaches in the Executive Programs of MSM.

“People are the source of change and innovation. Personal leadership is about taking responsibility for your actions, developing your talents building your integrity and contributing to a world you prefer to live in.”

Click here to read a news item about Carin Beijer and her colleague Miriam Frijns on "Leadership skills for the 21st century".

Miriam Frijns

Trainer and Consultant in organizational and individual leadership

Miriam Frijns has been working at MSM as a program manager and trainer since 1994. She has trained multicultural management groups, on different leadership and management related topics. In October 1998 she started Training Advice Centre: “Nihil Admiraria”. Nihil Admiraria develops corporate management training for companies and institutions, using a consultative training approach.

Miriam has done training and consultancy work for companies and organizations such as Xerox, Smallpeice Enterprises Limited (UK), Mercedes-Benz, ITC, IMTA, Indigo Europe, Webster University, ExxonMobil, Alcatel Bel, Stork BV, Rockwoll-Grodan, LDS-US, OMV, Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen, Petroleum Training Center, Ministry of Oil and Minerals Yemen, Yemen LNG. The focus point of the training and consultancy is on organizational and individual performance improvement.

She conducted training and consultancy in 29 different countries in the world. Miriam worked as a project manager in Yemen for the establishment of an international recognized executive business school at Sana’a University in cooperation with MSM. In April 2008 she started together with two business partners in Dubai Nihil Admiraria Middle East FZS. She did research and published articles in cooperation with Center for Organizational Performance in the Netherlands.

Miriam studied Educational and Industrial psychology at Tilburg University (Katholieke Universiteit Brabant). She got certified on ITIL, 6 Sigma green belt and EFQM.

 “Effective Leadership is not about your absolute knowledge and skills, it is about the perception of your followers on your leadership knowledge and skills. The perception of others about you is depending on your interaction with those others.”

Click here to read a news item about Miriam Frijns and her colleague Carin Beijer on "Leadership skills for the 21st century".

"I have wonderful memories and lessons learned that I need to share and use for my personal development as well as for our organization. I am reflecting on the learnings and taking actions accordingly."

Sandra Martinez, Colombia
Particpant in 2016

"I am so thankful for taking this course. It has allowed me to think differently and creatively. I am also grateful for the endless career advice I received. It was a great pleasure for me to be in Netherlands." 

Zohra Tazi, Morocco  
Participant in 2016

The full tuition fee


Tuition fee includes all course materials and refreshments


Scholarship opportunities can be combined up to 50% of the full tuition fee.

Corporate Discount:
15% for 2 participants coming from the same organization within 1 academic year
25% for 3 participants coming from the same organization within 1 academic year
40% for 4 - 6 participants coming from the same organization within 1 academic year
For > 6 participants we will offer a tailor made program

European Star Scholarship:
50% for European citizens and long term residents. Submit a 2 - 3 page essay on the topic: "What will be the positive change for my organization and me after participating in this course?"

Alumni Lifelong Learning:
15% discount for Maastricht School of Management registered Alumni

Dean's Development Fund:
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Cancellation policy

MSM reserves the right to postpone or cancel the program in case the number of participants does not meet the MSM requirements for minimum number of participants. Any payment made to MSM for tuition fee will be refunded. In the case of postponement or cancellation of the program MSM will inform the enrolled candidates at least six weeks before the planned start of the program.

By the participant:

If an admitted participant decides against participation after the tuition fee has been paid, cancellation costs are €200,- (administrative costs)

In case cancellation is done after the program has started no money will be refunded.

No cancellation charges are incurred if the enrolled participant, with written consent of MSM, will be replaced by another participant before the start of the course. Refunded tuition fees will only be reimbursed to the sponsoring party and cannot be forwarded or redeemed by any other party.

Participants who were not granted a visa to enter The Netherlands, can be fully reimbursed if written official documentation is provided of such visa denial.

Application deadline

For the program running in September 2019 30 August 2019

Admission requirements

Applicants should have the ability to function academically and professionally at Bachelor level and should have an adequate level of spoken and written English.

Reasons to follow the Personal Leadership Skills executive course

  • Discover your own leadership and management style and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your style
  • Understand how to capitalize on your strengths and grow as a person and as a leader
  • Develop your personal plan to enhance your leadership skills in order to improve your personal performance as a leader
  • Understand your radar of influence and be able to strategically use your influence for achieving your leadership performance
  • Get inspired by exchanging views and experiences with peer leaders with different cultural backgrounds and different experiences

Interactive and participant-centered teaching methodology