Turn a business opportunity into a great business plan

Turning ideas into proposals for new ventures is often a lonely journey. Banks and investors often complain that the investment proposals that they receive are not sufficiently well developed for them to be able to provide support. They regularly feel that a much more rigorous planning effort is needed for them to reconsider supporting. Also within companies, decision makers often feel that the proposals that they receive could benefit from a more rigorous approach. Apparently, it is not easy to transform a vision for new value into a sound and convincing proposal.

The creation of new (corporate) ventures to pursue the exploitation of valuable business opportunities is driven by enterprising professionals. Their initiative may result in the starting-up of new companies as well as in the introduction of new lines of business within established small, medium-sized or large companies.

This executive program provides you with a profound understanding on the role, analytics, and process of business planning that leads to the successful creation of new value. You will rigorously prepare for the actual starting-up of either an independent venture (a start-up company) or a corporate venture.

The program guides you through the process of venture design and venture planning that leads to the successful creation of new ventures that create new value. During the program, you will develop a plan for new value: from idea generation, to feasibility analysis, to a fully conceived business plan. A business plan is a call for action: to kick-start a venture it is key to prepare for the steps needed to turn an identified opportunity into a viable business that has the prospect to create substantial new value. Along the way you will gain a rigorous understanding of the start-up process and the role of business planning in new venue creation.

Successful completion of this program requires a substantial commitment. You will need to invest 36 hours in the program sessions, and at least 320 hours in the execution of your own venture creation project. Ideally, that project should result in a business plan that you would be eager to execute because it is worthwhile pursuing. In addition, you will need to invest cash to participate in the program.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Certificate (diploma optional)

Short courses divided over 6 days (afternoon & evening)

Course date
21 Sept., 5, 19 Oct., 9, 23 Nov. & 14 Dec. 2018

6 afternoons & evenings

Wynand E.J. Bodewes, PhD
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Wynand E.J. Bodewes, PhD

Program structure

This program is an outcome of over 15 years of experience in helping enterprising professionals create new value. It provides structure to an inherently iterative process. The program presents proven methods that will help generate rigorous insights. Regular meetings ensure that you get feedback on your progress.

Session 1


Value creation   

Introduction to the course: "From idea to business opportunity"

Two minute pitches on business idea

Lecture on Value Creation & Competitive Analysis

Session 2

Market analysis

Two minute pitches om competitive analysis

Lecture on market analysis

Complete chapter on value creation

Participant presentations on value creation & Competitive analysis

  Participant presetations on value creation & competitive analysis

Session 3
Business Modelling

Two minute pitches on market analysis

Lecture on business modelling

Complete chapter on competitive analysis

  Participant presentations on market analysis
Session 4
Venture design    

Two minute pitches on business modelling

Lecture on venture design

Complete chapter on market analysis

  Participant presentations on business modelling

Session 5

Operations planning*
Resource Mobilization

Two minute pitches on venture design

Lecture on operations planning

Resource needs & financial forecasting

  Participant presentations on venture design
Session 6

Business plan presentations

Showcasing business idea as a sound opportunity to create new value

Course objectives

At the end of this program:

  • You have the knowledge to develop an action-oriented plan that will help to launch your venture
  • You have not only learned from your instructors but especially from each other
  • Theory is brought to live through your own project
  • You have all the answers to your questions because of the interactive approach and lively discussions
  • You know all about the recent developments such as co-creation, open-innovation, social innovation and business modelling that are highly relevant to New Venture Creation
  • You have enough food for thought as well as a clear and executable plan

Course topics

Topics included in the program are:

  • Value creation for customer and venture
  • Analysis of existing solutions from the perspective of customers and users
  • Identificiation of customer preferences and development of a value proposition
  • Business modelling
  • Operational planning (staffing, organisation and control) of entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Financing needs & return

Teaching methods

This program is provided as a series of interactive workshops. You will work on your own new venture creation project parallel to the course. During each session, all participants share their progress.

Your profile

This program was created to assist those who are eager to lead the creation of new value. That could be prospective entrepreneurs that have been advised to improve their business plan. But a participant could also be aspiring entrepreneur who wants to get it right the first time. Also, those who professionally are charged with new business or product development and that want to improve their ability to present executable project proposals.


Each participant receives a certificate of attendance on the last day of the course. Only for those who will complete an additional assignment will receive a diploma. In case you would like to have more information you contact ep@msm.nl

Wynand E.J. Bodewes, PhD

Wynand Bodewes (1966) is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Maastricht School of Management where he teaches several Entrepreneurship courses in the Master in Management, MSc in Management and Engineering, MBA and Executive MBA programs, both in Maastricht and abroad. He is also the Academic Coordinator of MSM’s growing portfolio of Executive Education programs. He holds an MSc in Business Administration from the School of Management and Organization at the University of Groningen (1993) and a PhD in General Management from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University (2000). Although initially destined to become a Chemical Engineer Wynand later switched to Business Administration. Before pursuing his PhD in General Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, he was briefly affiliated with Maastricht University to work on his master thesis.

Dr. Bodewes co-authored several papers and books, and he regularly acts as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Long Range Planning and other scholarly journals. He was one of the founding fathers and the initial academic director of the degree program that later evolved into the current Entrepreneurship MSc program at RSM. In 2009 Wynand returned to Maastricht University to help build and deliver an outstanding portfolio of entrepreneurship courses to students in many of the university’s degree programs. During his tenure with Maastricht University Wynand also taught at the KU Leuven as a Visiting professor of Entrepreneurship. At the KU Leuven he was instrumental to the introduction of a MSc track in (Technology) Entrepreneurship.

In November 2016 Wynand joined Maastricht School of Management to help expand its portfolio of Entrepreneurship courses and programs. At MSM Wynand hopes to create new teaching cases, expand MSM’s European engagement in short Executive programs, and he looks forward to co-create new and relevant scholarly insights with DBA and PhD candidates at MSM. Wynand is keen on collaborating with ambitious entrepreneurs. For him, smallness is only but a temporary characteristic of true entrepreneurship. Wynand is married, a proud father of two, and a true gadgets afficianado.

Academic interests:

  • Scalability and Growth
  • Business modeling
  • Opportunity discovery and development

"I was one of Wynand's students during the New Venture Creation course in 2010. It literally made a difference in my live, to be an entrepreneur. I got to know Wynand as a very enthusiastic and excellent lecturer who is highly driven to teach. He opens up opportunities for participants and gives advice when needed"

Maikel Beerens
Founder and CEO at Xilloc

"Business planning is about learning how one's new venture will operate as a business prior to lauching it"

Wynand Bodewes
Lead trainer in this program

The full tuition fee

The tuition fee of this course is €2.995

Tuition fee includes all course materials & refreshments


Corporate Discount:
15% for 2 participants coming from the same organization within 1 academic year
25% for 3 participants coming from the same organization within 1 academic year
40% for 4 - 6 participants coming from the same organization within 1 academic year
For > 6 participants we will offer a tailor made program

Alumni Lifelong Learning:
15% discount for Maastricht School of Management registered Alumni

Cancellation policy

MSM reserves the right to postpone or cancel the program in case the number of participants does not meet the MSM requirements for minimum number of participants. Any payment made to MSM for tuition fee will be refunded. In the case of postponement or cancellation of the program MSM will inform the enrolled candidates at least six weeks before the planned start of the program.

By the participant:

If an admitted participant decides against participation after the tuition fee has been paid, cancellation costs are €200,- (administrative costs)

In case cancellation is done after the program has started no money will be refunded.

No cancellation charges are incurred if the enrolled participant, with written consent of MSM, will be replaced by another participant before the start of the course. Refunded tuition fees will only be reimbursed to the sponsoring party and cannot be forwarded or redeemed by any other party.

Participants who were not granted a visa to enter The Netherlands, can be fully reimbursed if written official documentation is provided of such visa denial.

Application deadline

The New Venture Creation course will take place on 21 September, 5, 19 October, 9, 23 November and 14 December 2018 (afternoon & evening). Please apply for this program before the first course date.

Admission requirements

Applicants should fulfill following criteria:

  • Hold minimum a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Have work experience in a relevant field
  • Have an adequate level of spoken and written English

Reasons to follow New Venture Creation

  • You are supported in the development for an action oriented plan that will help to launch your venture
  • You will not only learn from your instructors but especially from each other
  • Theory is brought to live through your own project
  • The meetings are interactive and provide ample room for discussion and will give answers to all your questions
  • You will return home with a clear and executable plan that ought to help to raise the money to kick-off your new venture

Learn how to turn a business opportunity into a great business plan