Data management and mining for better business

Google recently started marketing itself as a “machine learning first company” but what does that mean and why does Google expect every employee to understand the basics of machine learning and data analytics?

It is clear that they see a key basis of productivity, growth, innovation and consumer surplus in exploiting the  vast amounts of data that they have but also that having the data alone is not enough. You need to have the skills, infrastructure and enablers in place.

Consider for instance the vast amount of data that is collected in smart cities. Almost everything is measured but in domains such as urban freight which impact the lives of millions of citizens, data is gathered through traditional surveys instead of using the sensors carried by people, built into the city and transportation fleet. This is as well due to a lack of analytical skills but also a lack of management understanding of the possibilities of using data science. Experience has taught us that next to pure mathematical, statistical and machine learning skills, many big data scientist lack business skills but also that many business people lack knowledge of machine learning and hacker skills and this hinders reaping the sociological and business benefits of the data collected.

The goal of this course is to help managers, researchers and data scientists cross the bridge.

Complex Problem Solving



Course date
25 Sep - 6 Oct 2017

10 days

Wynand E.J. Bodewes, PhD
Academic Coordinator Executive Programs
Wynand E.J. Bodewes, PhD
Academic Coordinator Executive Programs / Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Your profile

Managers, entrepreneurs and researchers with a keen interest in linking business needs with data technology should attend this course. This 10-day course can help you secure job titles such as:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Analytics Officer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager Data Science & Big Data
  • Sales Manager Data Analytics
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Integrator

Wynand E.J. Bodewes, PhD

Academic Coordinator Executive Programs / Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Wynand Bodewes (1966) is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Maastricht School of Management where he teaches several Entrepreneurship courses in the Master in Management, MSc in Management and Engineering, MBA and Executive MBA programs, both in Maastricht and abroad. He is also the Academic Coordinator of MSM’s growing portfolio of Executive Education programs. He holds an MSc in Business Administration from the School of Management and Organization at the University of Groningen (1993) and a PhD in General Management from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University (2000). Although initially destined to become a Chemical Engineer Wynand later switched to Business Administration. Before pursuing his PhD in General Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, he was briefly affiliated with Maastricht University to work on his master thesis.

Dr. Bodewes co-authored several papers and books, and he regularly acts as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Long Range Planning and other scholarly journals. He was one of the founding fathers and the initial academic director of the degree program that later evolved into the current Entrepreneurship MSc program at RSM. In 2009 Wynand returned to Maastricht University to help build and deliver an outstanding portfolio of entrepreneurship courses to students in many of the university’s degree programs. During his tenure with Maastricht University Wynand also taught at the KU Leuven as a Visiting professor of Entrepreneurship. At the KU Leuven he was instrumental to the introduction of a MSc track in (Technology) Entrepreneurship.

In November 2016 Wynand joined Maastricht School of Management to help expand its portfolio of Entrepreneurship courses and programs. At MSM Wynand hopes to create new teaching cases, expand MSM’s European engagement in short Executive programs, and he looks forward to co-create new and relevant scholarly insights with DBA and PhD candidates at MSM. Wynand is keen on collaborating with ambitious entrepreneurs. For him, smallness is only but a temporary characteristic of true entrepreneurship. Wynand is married, a proud father of two, and a true gadgets afficianado.

Academic interests:

  • Scalability and Growth
  • Business modeling
  • Opportunity discovery and development


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Tuition fee

The tuition fee of this course is € 4498.

Tuition fee includes all course materials and study materials. Tuition fee does not include housing, food and living expenses. Participants are required to arrange their own housing facilities. MSM can assist in finding hotel accommodation.

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Cancellation policy

MSM reserves the right to postpone or cancel the program in case the number of participants does not meet the MSM requirements for minimum number of participants. Any payment made to MSM for tuition fee will be refunded. In the case of postponement or cancellation of the program MSM will inform the enrolled candidates at least six weeks before the planned start of the program.

By the participant:
If an admitted participant decides against participation, she/he or, if applicable, the sponsor is liable for the following cancellation costs:

• 25% of the tuition fee if cancellation is between eight to seven weeks before the start of the program.
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Candidates who were not granted a visa to enter The Netherlands, can be fully reimbursed if written official documentation is provided of such visa denial.

Application deadline

28 August 2017

Admission requirements

Applicants should have the ability to function academically and professionally at Bachelor level and should have an adequate level of spoken and written English.

Reasons to follow the Mastering Big Data Analytics course

  • Know the main elements of Big Data and Data Science
  • Understand the principles of working with Big Data Sources
  • Be able to define, plan and execute a small big data analysis yourself
  • Be able to define, plan and implement a big data application in a team
  • Translate data into actionable insights that create value for your business

Managers, researchers and data scientists: get your skills, infrastructure and enablers in place

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