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The knowledge economy requires lifelong learning

In today’s labor market skilled workers earn a premium. This is because workers with the appropriate skills can harness the myriad of technological innovations that are transforming economies and societies across the globe.

Moreover, with more and more routine jobs being automated, with the growth in online retailing, and with population ageing, the demand for workers with people management and innovative entrepreneurial skills (including problem solving and critical thinking) is higher than ever. This is so in both the private sector and the public sector, in advanced as well as in developing economies. And given the pace of technological change and societal transformation, learning needs to be lifelong - otherwise human skills will depreciate and become obsolete, more appropriate for the past than the future.

Therefore, if you want your skills to remain relevant you need to sharpen these skills from time to time. Lifelong learning in business, management, entrepreneurship and decision-making and problem-solving is an imperative.

The knowledge economy requires global learning

It is not only that you need to be a lifelong learner to keep your skills sharp and relevant.
You also have to take into account that the global economy in which you work is more than ever interdependent.

Production and services are split up and fragmented geographically. Highly skilled labor is increasingly mobile across borders. For businesses to remain competitive requires their workforces to identify and absorb and apply the right technologies. Individuals and organizations that invest in life-long learning invest in global-oriented education. Business can only be competitive if managers understand context, cultural nuances, and can thrive on patterns of global change.

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Our skills-oriented programs will help you to enhance your management and professional knowledge and skills, broaden your mind and develop your personal skills. Additionally we off er policy-oriented programs providing you with the tools and instruments that can help you in developing effective policies for your organization. For more details on our program offering, please click the links below and learn about our programs we offer in these various "clusters":

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