Maastricht School of Management

Maastricht School of Management (MSM) is located in one of the most competitive, technologically advanced and connected economies in the world, The Netherlands. From this position, it has over a period of 65 years developed into a leading business school with networks across the world, particularly in the fast-growing emerging economies.

MSM has developed a close relation with global businesses, policy makers and entrepreneurs, which allows us to gauge the demands of labor markets finely, and draw on relevant expertise across the world in order to develop aff ordable, focused short education programs for lifelong learning.

Moreover, as the most international business school in the Netherlands we provide a truly global scope, feel and networking opportunity.

To stay sharp, we offer you both Open Enrollment Executive Education programs, as well as Custom Made programs to suit the needs of your organization, whether private, public, global or local focused.

To see MSM's offering in internationally accredited Degree Programs, visit the MSM Coporate site.